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November 2012

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Chapters: None yet

Genre: Romance, drama, humor, supernatural...

Summary: Depressed and disillusioned with the world, Cloy prefers his solitude. One day on his way home from work he rescues a strange girl who turns out to be a goddess. She rewards him with the gift of healing, but a special ability like that doesn't go unnoticed. It won't take long until a professor bent on proving her paranormal theories and other less benevolent gods get interested in the new favorite. It seems that they all have an agenda of their own...

Chapter 0: Teaser

It was terrifying. 

I saw it all happen. In one second she was stepping into the street with her long white hair flowing in the wind, in the next there was a thud and blood stained the white van that hit her. Tyres screeched as the driver hit the breaks. I stared at the mess on the street with my eyes wide open, unable to move at all. To see something that horrifying was going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I had never seen how fragile life really was. Like a butterfly she had just been squashed. Her body lay on the road, mangled and twisted like a rag doll left in the rain. In one second she had transformed from vivid and beautiful to dismal and unrecognizable. Destroyed. Her white hair was stained with red, her clothes were in shreds, her skin covered with blood. I could see a bone stick out of her shin. It made me grimace. 

People were gathering around her, shouting and screaming each other to call 911. I stared at her, suddenly terrified that insurmountable death was waiting for all of us. Some day, someplace we would all die. I had never even thought about it. She tried to mouth something, reaching out her broken, blood-covered hand towards me. I was frozen with fear, having come face to face with my own mortality. I kept staring into her icy blue eyes that stared right back at me, pleading for salvation. Her body was broken but her eyes were aflame. Those eyes they drilled deep into he core of me crying for help. Those eyes broke my heart for her sake. Those eyes the color of ice.

They called for me the be her hero.

There was the scent on autumn in the air as I took a hesitant step on the street. The asphalt under my feet was wet and black.
The closer I walked to her the stranger my body felt. Only the headlights of cars and a few dim streetlights kept the darkness of the night at bay. I stared into her endless desperate eyes, succumbing into them as I reached her. She smiled a little with red teeth as I picked her up. Mixing into the scent of leaves and soil was the raw, barbaric smell of gore. I could feel her blood trickling down my arms as I carried her towards the sidewalk. I could feel the warm liquid as it soaked my clothes, but I didn't stop. I was carrying her home. Someone shouted something about waiting for an ambulance, but to me their voices were muffled as if I wasn't even in the same reality with them. Everything seemed distant. My limbs and my head felt disjointed from my body. I could go almost as far as saying that I was a bystander as my body was used to rescue her.

But that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? After having seen and heard all that I have, I don't find it so funny anymore. Maybe I should start again.

I am Cloy. I wait tables. I'm nothing special.

I guess if you asked me what my favourite things to do are I'd answer long walks on the beach and hanging out with my friends. I'd give you an answer like that because I'm pretty sure you don't really care. No one does. Not even my family. They are too busy smoking or drinking themselves to death. My father was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer a year ago but instead of quitting he decided to smoke twice as much. My mother found comfort at the bottom of Jack Daniels. I... I try not to think about it. 

I guess closest to a friend at the moment to me is my coworker Mesa. She's a radiant redhead with dark green eyes. She's the only person to ask me how I am every time I see her. I think she might even go out with me if I asked her, but my loss of faith on humanity has left me cynical and depressed and I don't think that at the moment I'd make a very good date. She'd end up getting drunk and I'd end up eating all her fries. 

What I need right now is a spark of inspiration in this mess of 6 billion people. A reason to exist. I wasn't born to wait tables. I know I can do things, amazing things if only I could break free of these chains that hold me back. These chains of hopelessness and insignificance.


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This chapter is so good! I'm not an expert at writing but I like reading and really enjoyed reading this (but, OMG, poor girl ._.). Can't wait for the next chapter!
Thanks! That really made my day! Don't worry about her, she'll be fine <3
Eh eh, given the summary I suppose she's the main female character then +_+
I, for one, am certainly feeling teased. Hope to see more soon!!!

Hee-hee, thanks! I'll try to update soon <3